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PICHPOSH Body Roll On Perfume

Mix & Match

$15.95 each / 3 for $39.95

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PICHPOSH Burnt Crème Body Roll On Perfume PICHPOSH Fairy Floss Body Roll On Perfume
$CAD 15.95
$CAD 15.95
"Burnt Crème" - Inspired by our favourite dessert: crème brûlée (krehm broo-LAY). The Spanish have t...More "Fairy Floss" The Original Cotton Candy - Enjoy our tribute to this feathery candy. Discover the PIC...More
PICHPOSH Nag Champa Body Roll On Perfume PICHPOSH Patchouli Body Roll On Perfume
$CAD 15.95
$CAD 15.95
"Nag Champa" - Flowers, herbs, spices & essential oils are blended to perfection to create a soothi...More "Patchouli" - NEW - A classic musky incense scent made popular in the 60's. Body Roll On Perfume. Ha...More
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