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Guava Frappé - Solid Bath Oil (3 Bath Cubes)

"Guava Frappé - Solid Bath Oil (3 Bath Cubes)" - Juicy and tropical. Paradise lies within! A Solid, fruit-scented mixture that is similar to Sherbet and treats you like a Dessert or Appetizer as it pours healing Mango Butter over your body! This product follows in the foot steps of the always popular PICHPOSH “Soak & Melt”. These bath cubes are drenched in rich, sensuous mango butter to produce a healthy looking smooth finish to your skin. While bathing add one of more PICHPOSH Mango Butter Bath Frappé to your water & discover the PICHPOSH Experience! (Item 5101) 127g (4.5 oz.)


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